about me

Hi, I am exploring my own infallibility and hoping to document the inevitable insanity, self-loathing, regret and depression that may happen along the way.  Well, the glittery happy breakthroughs and such too.  Some cliches.  Probably some awkward and self-depreciating humor as well…

a note:  I regard self-improvement writing and most self-help-y things as mostly unpalatable nonsense with extremely occasional moments of insight.  This writer will try her damnedest to stay away from that which is shallow and disingenuous.  I’m going for authenticity, if I can help it.  But for all intents and purposes, I’ll be masturbating with my mind here, my f e e l i n g s and my j o u r n e y.  This may be healing at best and at worst, something I erase later.


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