1. achieve or complete successfully.

When someone wants to ‘do’ something, its usually a simple thing. ‘Do’ a puzzle or a crossword. ‘Do’ the dishes or the laundry. ‘Do’ can also be a associated with something not happening now: “What are you going to do about school?” “I am going to do a study abroad program.”

An accomplishment requires one or many ‘do’s’ and it is implied that they were not easy to come by. First you had to ‘do’ the research, then you had to ‘do’ your resume, then you had to ‘do’ the interview.

An accomplishment doesn’t necessarily require a plan to be accomplished. Although the feeling of accomplishment is greater when the ‘do’s’ have been thought through.

Ask Yourself:

  1. What are things you feel that you have accomplished?
  2. What did you have to do to complete your accomplishment?
  3. Have you ever done anything that didn’t feel like an accomplishment?
  4. Have you ever accomplished something and afterwards felt as if you didn’t do anything?
  5. To what extent was your accomplishment hollow and meaningless? Also, do you want to accomplish something again?

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