Russell Brand from Addiction to Recovery


*EDIT* This movie inspired the post: Just Beginning. My story and in-depth reaction to my first AA meeting(s) can be found there. Caution: Shits deep.

Abstinence. That is a word no one has heard me say in a long time. This documentary, other than having Russell Brand in it–who I find to be just the right amount of asshole–brings his own addiction forward, and looks at some of the myths and science behind people who are addicts. An ends up taking them all the way to Parliament. Awesome!

But even more awesome is the look at recovery. A new term for me: abstinence. I may have said that word earnestly about three times in my life: while I was a commited Christian in a Baptist church, when I joined True Love Waits, and then when I graduated True Love Waits and gave my prized earning-a ring of promise-to my first good fuck…

But I digress! Brand uses the term with much more sincerity: abstaining from the drug or drink. The movie emphasizes heroine and its deadly counterpart methadone, and argues fervently that the fairest, kindest and most effective way to treat addiction–and I think the only true way–is to treat the underlying issues.

Its good 🙂


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