Eh gurl

Sometimes I love women, like men do.
But not just men, ethnic men.
Excuse me I really don’t mean to stereotype,
but in my experience, they are more vocal.
Its not hidden if you’ve got a great body
or a pretty face; their flattery is made known.
If they like what they see you’ll get
one of two things: a marriage/lovemaking proposal
“She got a donk!” “Eh girl!” “Eh mami!” “Que cullo chica!”
with claps or whistles, and guffaws.
All of this is no surprise if you listen
to mainstream music, primarily
the radio, and while some women who hear
men sing things like, “Get over here and shake your ass,”
and get offended or disgusted, even angered,
I get just a little bit wet.
It’s so brazen, so loud! So risqué!
Maybe its misogynist, and maybe I’m not a feminist,
but I’ve been in the club and thought:
“Damn gurrl! I wish you’d come get some of dis!”
I’ve just never said it out loud.


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